WWhat exactly is meant by transparency in trade?
Availability? Quality? Price? Delivery

It’s our own fault. Through price transparency in the internet, we have created a one-click shopping mentality. Everything is available at any time, and anywhere in the world. Is that good? Most of us would answer, yes. But exactly this behaviour has radically changed the sales and purchasing requirements in trade. Today speed determines the success or failure of a company.

Numbers upon numbers. Forecasts. Probabilities and risks are estimated. Day after day. Faster and faster. The legitimate question is: Can you maintain an overview? Or, in other words: What should you make visible with one click in order to keep everything under control?

We have an answer: TotalOverView. Quite clever in a way; more transparent and faster than what you know now. 

The legitimate question is really: Why didn’t we know this yesterday?